Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Jobs from the past - Number 99

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by, but this is actually a fairly recent project...

Middlesex University literature 2015
This is a series of publications produced for Middlesex University by Silver Leopard. The agency were approached to undertake a brand strategy piece of work leading to a revised and relevant visual language. This concluded in a complete and thorough set of guidelines for print, digital and environmental treatments.
I've written many articles on this blog which include the phrase "...just the cover makes the difference!" and it is certainly the case for these three publications. All the covers are hot foil blocked on our Colorset 100% Recycled cover board. 
Click on images to enlarge
The Undergraduate Guide, which is the prospectus is an A5, portrait, 76pp publication. The 4pp cover is hot foil blocked in matt white foil on our Colorset Bright Red, 350gsm, with the diagonal die-cut, which is a graphic device used throughout the publication.
8mm thick spine:
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The larger 164pp Graduation publication is 245x162mm, portrait, perfect bound. The cover is hot foil blocked in metallic gloss silver foil on our Colorset Dark Grey 350gsm.
The 148pp Postgraduate Guide is also A5, Portrait and perfect bound. The 4pp cover is hot foil blocked in matt white foil on our Colorset, Nero 350gsm, also with the diagonal die-cut.
Below shows the detail of the diagonal die-cut
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Detail of the matt white foil on the cover:
Image showing the spines of all three publications.
The printing was handled by a print management company on behalf of the university, so unfortunately I don't know the printer or foiling company.

You can read more about this project here.  Silver Leopard continues to act as brand guardians for the University and are involved in many premium outputs including website design, UG and PG prospectuses, campaigns, open days and recruitment.
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