Tuesday, 21 July 2009

First Light

My e-mail announcing the blog has attracted a few responses, including this package of items from Keith and Andy at d8 (Birmingham and Glasgow).

This is the literature from a new identity that they have designed for an organisation called First Light based in Birmingham. As you can see, it's a nice crisp identity using two strong colours (solids are printed on the reverse)

Also in the package was a copy of the A5 Annual Review which has striking graphics and printed using black and two fluoro colours. All the literature is printed on our 100% recycled Colorset (Natural) 120gsm

I don't know who the printer was, but they've made a very nice clean job of it.

And of course it's lovely to get a hand written note - which is not only a nice thank you but is beautifully produced - foiled in one colour ALSO on Colorset (Solar) 120gsm. Thank you Keith and Andy in Birmingham ...

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  1. Sorry, should have mentioned that both were printed by the excellent Panda Press (www.pandapress.net). Cheers!


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