Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mantisworld Ethical T Shirts

Now to many of you this might look like a normal saddle stitched lookbook, but as with most of the projects I work on there's a bit more to it!

Astroman (a design company based in London) wanted a "tactile" material that had more of an uncoated feel but that wouldn't let down the brightness of the colours. The factory that makes these clothes is in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and they use 100% certified organic cotton and are a pioneer in ethical manufacturing. The reproduction of the vivid African colours was an important part of the brief. Importantly this catalogue is mailed out internationally, so postal weight was an overidding consideration.

The eventual choice of materials combined the tactile Omnia as a cover but only in 200gsm (which is very bulky) with our lightweight Marazion Ultra in 90gsm which might sound very light but it works extremely well and also means that an extra saving could be made because it could be saddle stitched as opposed to perfect bound.

Here are some spreads:
The job is 4pp cover with a 72pp text and the size is 200x260mm and for your interest, the job weighed just over 200grams which kept it well within the desired postage band.
Print was by Principal Colour.
Designed by Astroman. Creative Director on the project was Doug Hurcombe. Designer on the project was Katerina Karamallaki and thank you for the lovely note...

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