Thursday, 25 February 2010

House Style!

This is one of those great jobs that you pick up which just has an amazing sense of fun.

This is a brochure for the House of Illustration, the function of which is to enrole membership and donations for the new House of Illustration Gallery instigated by Quentin Blake.

The size of the brochure is 260x200mm and it uses our Modigliani Candido 260gsm, which has a "feltmark" texture similar to that of a watercolour paper, so right from the start the material works with the subject.

The illustrated type is by the talented and prolific Marion Deuchars and is used to great effect throughout the 12pp brochure.
However the real surprise comes in the centre spread when a "pop-up" house appears ...fantastic!
The project was designed by BOB Design. Creative Directors on the project were Alexis Burgess and Mireille Burkhardt. Designer and housebuilder on the project was Matt Price. Below is a picture of Matt "burning the midnight oil" building the houses.
and thank you for the lovely letter...

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  1. looks Very Familiar...It's Nice i believe


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