Friday, 19 February 2010

Charlotte Building W1

This is a lovely example of a casebound book with a paper over board (hardback) cover.

The book was comissioned by property developers Derwent PLC. Design is by Made Thought.

As you will see from the spreads below they have used white mannequins in the empty buildings to great effect. Art direction is superb. Sorry I don't know who the photographer is. The black foil blocking on the cover is very effective.

Size of the book is 210x260mm with a 36pp text.

The book is produced using our Omnia 150gsm which gives it easily enough bulk for a 8mm spine (which you really need for a casebound book). This project has had a heavy "sealer" varnish put all over the sheet which gives it an unusual reflective, slightly pearlescent, finish as opposed to the normal flat, matt tactile finish that Omnia has - an unusual treatment which is effective with the images used in this job.

The job was printed by Team Impression based in Leeds and thank you to Simon Bucktrout for sending us a copy.

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