Thursday, 10 June 2010

Adidas - Spring/Summer 2010

Here is a set of two brochures for Adidas which form the Spring Summer 2010 look books - Mens and Womens.

They are 165x230mm Portrait (an economical format out of a B1 sheet size), section sewn with an 8pp cover and 48pp text (200gsm cover/120gsm text). These are printed on Omnia and the result is just simply stunning. The art direction and photography (by Ben Ingham) is great and the colours are really vibrant ...see for yourselves:  
And this is the Women's...
Art Direction and design is by Made Thought. Print is by Push.

This is a fabulous example of printing on Omnia - this job does truly have the tactile feel of an uncoated with the reproduction of a coated - it does look amazing. Right job, right images, right design, right printer, right paper, right right everything! 

Posted by Justin Hobson 10.06.2010

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