Friday, 18 June 2010

Central St Martins - MA Communication Design

Last week I went to the Central St Martins show for MA Communication Design at the Rochelle School in London E2 for the private view.

It was a beautiful evening and the bar was outside in the sunshine!

The show was well attended and well layed out both on the ground and first floors.
There was a lot of great work on show but there are two students in particular who produced great pieces of work (...on paper, obviously!) which I will try and show here:

Firstly, Hila Ben-Navat ( who has produced "The Genocide Project" which comprise  several pieces of exceptionally well produced literature plus a series of posters. The disturbing work covers the subject of genocide from the Holocaust up to "ethnic cleansing" of the present day and is a very powerful piece of work. What this project in particular shows is the way she has considered the relationship between the subject, design, imagery and the physical material substrate, printing and binding.

The second student is Kristina Kostadinova ( who produced a fantastic project showing the most amazing photography (she did all the photography) of dozens and dozens of Soviet built edifices in her native Bulgaria.  The project not only documents the current state of their decay, but illustrates their history and makes a social commentary about the current lack of any kind of national pride in these once great monoliths.  
It goes without saying that my pics here do very little justice to either of these projects and there was also a lot of other really great work on display as well, it's just that these are two projects which particularly stood out, specially with my papery angle on things!

Thank you to the course tutors who invited me, Roz Streeten and Maria Da Gandra.

Hila Ben-Navat:
Kristina Kostadinova:
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