Friday, 25 June 2010

The Concise Dictionary of Dress

This is a great piece of promotional literature for arts organisation Artangel. The Concise Dictionary of Dress is a project produced by Artangel in collaboration with the V&A, hosted at Blythe House. If you  hurry you can still catch it - it finishes on 27th June.
This job is 488mmx340mm folding to 122x170mm using a concertina map fold. It is printed on our Clervaux [1sided] 110gsm which is and uncoated paper with a smooth side and a rough side. On this project the smooth sided is printed with just black type and the "rougher" more tactile side is printed in CMYK with some really interesting images both contemporary and from the archive.
Design is by Frith Kerr at Studio Frith. Print is by Xtraprint in London.

What more can I say's just really lovely! 

and thanks to Frith for the beautifully written note:
Posted by Justin Hobson 25.06.2010

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