Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quarantine - Projects & Ideas

Here are two superb little jobs done for a performance dance company called Quarantine.

Neither of these jobs are "big budget" promotions and therefore cost and impact have to be closely considered.

The tour leaflet is a 4pp A6 format but it is printed on Omnia 150gsm, so it doesn't feel like most A6 leaflets! It is tactile and the four colour and solid flat colours have reproduced fantastically well.
The company portfolio called "Projects + Ideas" is packaged in an envelope style wallet made from Episode IV 115gsm and held together with a printed die cut label. The wallet has a left and a right folded up pocket containing a series of cards (also printed on Omnia) 280gsm showing images of the performances together with a description on the reverse. A really nice little touch is that each of the nine finishers who made up the wallets has a cedit on the job and ticks their name if they made it up! ...probably good for quality control too!
The job was designed by Manchester based agency, Corporation Pop. Designer is Jo Cartwright.

These are both jobs which make the most of the materials and the budget available and I think work very well with the ethos of the performance company who wanted a no frills approach but with a design lead look.

Thank you for sending them and the note Jo.
Posted by Justin Hobson 03.06.2010

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