Tuesday, 15 June 2010

World Cup poster at the World Cup!

Now here's a man that takes his type and his football seriously!

David Coates was so taken with his Em-project designed, World Cup wall chart that he's actually taken it to South Africa AND to the actual stadium as well!

David and his friends went to the brand new Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban to see the Germany vs Australia match. He says "The stadium is very impressive and the atmosphere and support from fans around the world was incredible"

Here are some pics from inside the stadium.
David Coates is a designer at London design consultancy To The Point and is also the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) co-deputy chair. The ISTD run an excellent education program which is truly international and one of David's friends from college coordinates the program in South Africa.

...and let's not forget that it is printed on the new Shiro TREE FREE 120gsm which is made from 100% non-tree fibres - it's made from annual plants such as bamboo, cotton or bagasse.

Thanks to David for taking the time and trouble to send it over and I hope it brings the England team that little bit of extra luck!
Posted by Justin Hobson 15.06.2010

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