Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Daunt Books

The Children's Short Story Competition is run by Daunt Books, a London based bookseller. The awards are held to highlight the best of Children's writing and Children of all ages are encouraged to enter. Their aim is to encourage, recognise and celebrate high standards of young writing.

This publication includes fourteen stories which are the winners of the competition and by virtue of this book they have all now become "published" authors!
The job has been designed by Catrin Morgan and Valerio Di Lucente, both formerly at the RCA. Catrin also did the superb illustrations

It is a simply produced job at a size of 145x200mm, just sub A5 size. It has a 4pp cover on Colorset Lemon 270gsm and 60pp text on Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm. The job is saddle stitched which is a bit of a push at 60pp - because sometimes jobs "gape" open in the middle,  but on this publication it does just work (we also made dummies using the Redeem in 80gsm)

It is printed 3 special colours on the Colorset Lemon on the cover which just looks amazing for the colour illustration and the text is printed in a dark pantone grey which works well with the illustrations.

And thank you for the lovely note:
You can view Catrin's illustrations here: Valerio has set up his own studio based in London with some ex RCA friends and their website is here:

And this is a picture of one of the Daunt Books shops - you don't get that experience on the internet - so forget amazon and go and support a bookshop!
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