Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Here's a really inspired piece of literature for PoetryQuest which is a national arts project run by the Price's Foundation for Children and the Arts.
The project was designed by BOB Design. Creative Directors on the project were Alexis Burgess and Mireille Burkhardt. Designer on the project was Matt Price. The illustrator is Robert Hanson.

The size is an unusual 190x238mm, with a 4pp cover and 48pp text. Printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 240gsm and 130gsm. Print is by Push (note the really good CMYK/tint layed solids).

This project is a combination of poetry and visual art being run through schools and art professionals and manifests itself in the construction of a decorated Tipi! Below you will see some of the finished Tipis which were set up in Kensington Gardens on 7th July. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended and the visit finished with the Duchess reading one of her favourite poems to the school children ...and she also had the pleasure of meeting Lexi and Matt who were appropriately suited and booted!
Posted by Justin Hobson 17.08.2010

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