Thursday, 19 August 2010

Venice uses Alga Carta

Now although this wasn't a project that I worked on, it is of interest as it's printed on the new SHIRO Alga Carta. It is a pack produced for the Venice Tourist board which incorporates a card which lists places and events and a map.
Don't know who the designer is for the project but obviously the material choice does make a lot of sense as the Alga Carta includes seaweed which is taken from the Venice lagoon, which is growing because of pollution and has to be taken out ...and here's a picture of what it looks like  
If anybody out there is now thinking of ordering some some samples of our new SHIRO Alga Carta as a cheap way of getting a seaweed body wrap, forget it - I've tried it and it doesn't work! (no, not really)
Posted by Justin Hobson 19.08.2010

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