Monday, 13 December 2010

Carbon Rations!

I've only just received a copy of this very nice little job which was produced last year for the Copenhagen Climate conference.

Ration Me Up is a monthly Carbon Ration Book created by The Ministry of Trying to Do Something About It (and designed by thomas.matthews). It was launched at NEF's 'the Bigger Picture Festival of Independence'.

Thomas Matthews designed this monthly ration book to teach each us all of the true cost of our day to day necessities and habits by calculating personal monthly carbon usage.

The covers of all the ration books were produced on a variety of different colours of Colorset 270gsm which were all 'leftovers' from another job at Calverts Press. Here they all are at the exhibition:
The Ministry of Trying to Do Something About It are:

Clare Patey – Artist
thomas.matthews – Communication design
Cathy Wren – Installation Designer
Dr Victoria Johnson – Research
Corrina Cordon – Project Manager
Jonathan Atkinson – Project development and management
Jenny Hayton – Costume Advisor
Tim Mitchell – Construction

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