Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Jobs from the past - Number 14

Followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by, so here's the last one for 2010...

NatWest Media Centre - media launch book - Future Systems

This job dates back to 1999. The design company was Cartlidge Levene. Art direction was by Ian Cartlidge and Adam Levene. This publication was produced for the media launch of the fantastically futuristic NatWest media centre at the MCC's Lords Cricket Ground in St John's Wood.

This is a remarkable job because it is perfectly deconstructed in the same way that the building itself was conceived and built. It was not built as a building but constructed at a boatyard, out of aluminium!

This was the 'book' that I spoke about at the ISTD stammtisch, back in October.

Future Systems was the architectural practice of the late Jan Kaplicky and Amanda Levete. The partnership designed some amazing and truly iconic buildings including Selfridges in Birmingham and the Enzo Ferrari Museum amongst many others.

The design of this publication could almost be described as a "de-constructed" book, as it has no binding! It is formed by the production of a 'case' which would normally form the cover of a hardback book. But this works more as a folder, holding in the two seperate and entirely unbound text sections. The size of the cover is 215x260mm portrait, the two text sections are 210x250mm.
Images are reproduced on gloss coated paper - our Millennium Real Art 115gsm 16pp self cover unbound - see below...
The text and some images reproduced in mono, printed on uncoated text paper, Formation Superfine 90gsm, also 16pp self cover, unbound but printed in one colour only - see below..
The hard case 'folder' was produced using Millennium Real Art with gloss lamination (inside and out) mounted onto 3 pieces of 2000micron greyboard with a 10mm gutter to form the 'hinge' and then punched out. I mentioned earlier that this publication somehow perfectly interprets the construction of the building and this is both in the visual sense and the literal sense ...the angle of the slit on the cover is exactly the same as the glazing on the front of the building which designed so the sun never reflects in the player's eyes - what a great piece of detailing!

The stunning photography is by Richard Davies. Print and superb finishing with amazing attention to detail was by Principal Colour.
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