Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Deutsche Bank Guidelines

This is a fantastic project - not only does it look great and work well but because it's succesful in an area (brand identity) in which these days, often guidelines are only produced digitally. In this case,  Deutsche Bank agreed that it’s new brand and visual identity guidelines should exist physically as well as digitally. The book is intended to set the bar and act as constant inspiration for Deutsche’s creative agencies around the world - and it certainly achieves this goal.

It took Studio 2br over 12 months to complete the research and design to develop the new identity system, design the new Deutsche Bank Brand Portal and produce the 80-page A3 guidelines book. All in all, a very large project.
Below are the scatter proof/print test sheets:
Design is by Studio 2br. Creative Director on the project was David Shalam.

The job is an 80pp, saddle stitched, self cover A3 portrait format and the paper used is our Marazion Ultra 90gsm - yes that's right 90gsm ...the paper was chosen for it's tactile matt quality, excellent opacity and the way this large format saddle stitched book opens, the pages turn nicely and the flow is just right.

It is printed in 8-colours, with a silkscreened plastic wallet to protect it. Print management was placed in the extremely experienced hands of Paul Harding (a freelance production man who comes highly recommended by many clients). The printer on this excellent piece of literature was St Ives Westerham Press.

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