Friday, 17 December 2010

New equipment arrives!

As part of our 'continuous investment programme'  (that amounts to all the shirt buttons and brass razoos that we can find!) I'm pleased to announce that we have purchased a 'ROUND CORNERING MACHINE' for the Fenner Paper sample room ...and here it is:
I can't really say much more about it because the title 'Round Cornering Machine' pretty much says everything there is to say - it puts a round corner on things! So, we can now put radius corners on samples and dummies - for examples on invitations or brochures up to a maximum thickness of about 10mm.
Posted by Justin Hobson 17.12.2010

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  1. You know what you've done now don't you? You've shown me a thing that I didn't know existed but which I now wish to own. As if Christmas isn't expensive enough. Sigh.


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