Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Sustainability is an event held just a few days ago in Treviso in Italy (2-4th Dec).  It comprised an exhibition, talks and workshops, all focusing on the subject of sustainable design. Although I'm sure it was a lot warmer in Treviso than it's been in the UK over the last few days, I'm not writing this because I actually went (sadly!) but because the paper used for the event was sponsored by Favini and used SHIRO, Alga Carta for the below posters, which I think are well worth a look:
The design of the posters was by Design Heads Collective. Photography is by Silvia Boschiero and print by Graficart.

There's an interesting article (with an english translation)  on the site about the workshop they ran on sustainable type:

Posted by Justin Hobson 08.12.2010

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