Thursday, 3 February 2011

KPMG Survey - Good news for print!

Print has a place in the world of new media, as most people still prefer to read offline, according to a survey by KPMG.
According to the latest survey, which spoke to 2,241 people, 86% of consumers prefer to consume media offline, with the most popular reason a preference for reading physical copies.

The survey also showed that the web still has a way to go to achieve print's respectability, and more importantly its ability to make money from a cover price. Only 24% of respondents that had read magazine said they hadn't paid for it and while 26% of newspaper readers did not pay. In comparison, 80% of online magazine readers and 92% of online newspaper readers did not pay.

David Elms, head of media at KPMG, said: "Despite the increase in the use of digital media, certain activities such as outdoor events, watching television and reading books and magazines remain hugely popular. This highlights that old and new media will co-exist and evolve together over time."

However, the continuing move into the digital world was more than apparent as compared to the previous six month survey, there had been a small increase in the proportion reading digital books. The survey backed up claims that printers need to learn to work alongside new media, as 60% claimed that they consumed more media than before.

So maybe print won't be KING but at least it has a place!
You can read the full survey here:

Posted by Justin Hobson 03.02.2011

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