Monday, 28 November 2011

3D Printing - the future is coming!

I was recently contacted by a company offering a 3D printing service, which I thought I'd share.

I have heard a bit about 3D printing or "rapid prototyping" as it is sometimes called, but hadn't really looked into it in too much detail. This new technology has the ability to change the way we manufacture individual (custom) items and could literally be the pathway to us having the ability to make individual items in our own homes and offices - and has the potential to produce everything from machine parts to replacement teeth!
The company that sent me the information about their 3D printing service is positioned at the more "novelty" end of this new technology, although a very nice novelty it is...

Have a look ...maybe there's a Christmas present idea here! 

for more info about 3D printing:
Posted by Justin Hobson 28.11.2011

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