Thursday, 10 November 2011

London 2016

This is a fascinating and beautifully produced book commissioned by leading international property consultancy, Knight Frank to visually communicate their predictions for London's commercial property market, in a project titled 'London 2016'.

Five years doesn't seen too far away, but the invitation to their September conference is worded as follows:
"In 2006, no one owned an iphone, Lehman Brothers' market capitalisation was $40 Billion and Bear Stearns' was $20 Billion, Iceland had a triple A credit rating, Twitter signed up it's 50th tweeter in July - think how different the world will be in five years time..."
(...that makes you think!)

Knight Frank commisioned London based agency YCN to produce the conference collateral, including this specially produced book to be given as a take-home pieces for select clients detailing the company's view of London in five years time.

The size of the book is 185x245mm, portrait. It is printed on SHIRO Echo, White (50% FSC and 50% recycled) which has a "natural" off white shade and works well with the illustration and text. The book is made using two text weights 160gsm for the three throwout pages and 100gsm for the main text made up of 45 "French Folded" sections.
The casebound book is covered in dark grey bookcloth and is hot foil blocked in silver.
All the text is "French Folded" as you can see below:
The creative team at YCN on the project is as follows:
Project Director: Alex Ostrowski
Art Direction & Design: Alex Hunting
The text features illustrations by Samuel Green and infographics by Chris Clarke
...and particularly remarkable (other than the paper, of course!) is that the job has been printed digitally by Pureprint on an HP Indigo press and the result is just superb. The solid colours alone compete with the quality achievable with offset litho. Simon Cooper at Pureprint handled the project.
 ...and a lovely touch is the rubber stamp used to personalise and number each of the 150 copies:
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