Tuesday, 15 November 2011

And the Sun will Shine...

Well if your Tuesday, November morning is looking as grey and dank as mine, here's something that will brighten it up!

I've just received a lovely screenprint from designer and illustrator Billy Allinson, who produced this print on our Colorset, Natural 270gsm (100% recycled) ...and he very kindly sent me one.
Size is 330x475mm
I first met Billy at Kingston University as he was arranging the invitations and promotional material for their graduation show. Since then he worked for many years at Formula One, designing a wide range of their promotional material including a party invitation for one of Petra Ecclestone's extravagant parties!

Billy now combines working with his own clients with freelancing and has his own silkscreen studio  - a man of many talents!

...and thanks for my lovely print which is definitely brightening up the day!
Posted by Justin Hobson 15.11.2011

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