Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Transcending Reality

This is a beautiful catalogue produced for a major exhibition of the work of Tai Xiangzhou in New York , earlier in the year. These exceptional paintings are rendered in just black ink. Excellent reproduction was absolutely paramount.
The size is 230x305mm, portrait. It has an 4pp cover and a 22pp text, including three throw-outs. The material choice is perfect - it is Omnia Natural 200gsm cover and 150gsm text. The "neutral" white shade works well with the ink paintings which are reproduced out of four colour process (CMYK) plus a special green.  The material and the image work perfectly together with the subtle tactile nature of the Omnia and the shading of the paintings.
 There are three throw-outs, necessary to show the works in sequence:

The binding is two banks of three hole sewing (see below) - in a natural thread, suits the book and subject perfectly.

The project is designed and art directed by Ornan Rotem and Num Stibbe at Sylph Editions.

Print and finishing is by Principal Colour in Paddock Wood.
Posted by Justin Hobson 14.08.2012

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