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Jobs from the past - Number 34

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by...

The Quentin Blake Gallery of Illustration - 2003

This is the introduction and sponsorship brochure for the Quentin Blake Gallery of Illustration - which has become the House of Illustration. The House of Illustration is the world’s first dedicated home for the art of illustration; from adverts to animation, picture books to political cartoons and scientific drawings to fashion design. The organisation puts on exhibitions, runs competitions, works with schools and organises events with some of the country’s leading illustrators. The main ambition is to create a permanent home to celebrate the past, present and future of illustration.

The size of the publication is 143x125mm, Landscape. It uses our Modigliani, Neve which has a "feltmark" texture similar to that of a watercolour paper which gives it exactly the right feel. Needless to say, the timeless illustrations are by Quentin Blake...

Of particular interest is the the way the job is bound. It has a 4pp cover (with a spine) on Modigliani, Neve 260gsm and a 24pp text on Modigliani, Neve 200gsm. The text pages are individual leaves bound with an elastic band (which is black and is made from "round" elastic) held in with a notch on the head and foot of the book. This enabled the brochure  to be easily updateable. 

Detail, showing rubber band and "notched" text and cover:

The project was designed by BOB Design. Creative Directors on the project were Alexis Burgess and Mireille Burkhardt. Lexi now runs his own studio in East London, Burgess Studio.

The job was printed by Reg Davis at Pica Press based in Tonbridge in Kent but he has since retired and the company no longer exists. The beautiful rubber bands were sourced from Switzerland as I recall!

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