Monday, 29 October 2012

Lotus EXOS

This is a most beautiful limited edition book produced for Lotus. The Lotus Exos experience is for those lucky enough to have the funds to secure the package which includes racing on some of the best circuits in the world.

This limited edition (500 copies) book is a whopping 302mm x 400mm, portrait and is casebound with black bookcloth on the spine - this is called quarterbound.

It has a 44pp text printed on our Omnia 200gsm plus a 6pp throwout on 200gsm high Gloss coated.

As you can see from the above images, there is lots of colour and black is prevalent - and it just looks beautiful on the Omnia - no mottle - just gorgeously even dark areas (and we all know that blacks and blues can be a problem!) Even the images with CMYK dark areas - with loads of ink going down, looks great on the Omnia, reproducing bright vibrant colours as well and the dark mono images as well, whilst retaining all the detail. The photography and reproduction is amazing - the list of photographers would require a post all of it's own! so I'm afraid I can't credit everyone here.
The book is art directed and designed by Interstate. Creative Director is Nigel Gray. Printing is by Gavin Martin Colournet and they have made a beautiful job of both the print and the binding.
Posted by Justin Hobson 29.10.2012 

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