Friday, 28 December 2012

Studio Cookbook 2

This is the new Studio cookbook2, published by East London Riso printer, Hato Press. Studio cookbook1 was a collection of recipes aimed to inspire social lunches at the workplace and included recipes from åbäke, Alex Bettler, Mind Design, Sara De Bondt studio and many more.

Studio cookbook2 includes recipes from An endless supply, AND Publishing, Art Licks, Goodwin Hartshorn, The Gourmand, Manystuff, Meadham Kirchhoff, Sarah Gottlieb, Fraser Muggeridge studio, Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad and Sophie Demay  to name but a few!

The book is 236x132mm, portrait. The covers and end papers are cut 20mm short at the head. There are 60pp of text and the binding is "spiral bound" in a dark red plastic spiral. Spiral binding is different from wiro binding. Spiral binding is formed from a continuous length of either plastic or metal and is a finishing method produced by a few specialist binders/finishers. It is an effective binding method which tends to hold things a bit tighter than a wiro.

The book is printed on a mixture of Coriandoli and Flora. The cover is on Coriandoli Blu 250gsm but the text is a mixture of deliberately mixed up shades from Flora and Coriandoli ranges which gives the book a beautifully unstructured feel which works fantastically with the Riso printing. The text is all printed in one colour, although that colour depends on the shade of paper and the recipe - it works really well.
The book is edited and designed by Ken Kirton and thanks to Ken for sending me a copy and a lovely note.
The cookbook costs £12 and although this post comes a bit late to make this a Christmas present, it is a great idea for any upcoming birthdays etc!
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