Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trust New Art

This is a piece of literature for an interesting experiment run by the Arts Council. The basic idea is to select works from the Arts Council collection and place them in various National Trust properties enabling visitors to encounter contemporary pieces that they may not ordinarily be exposed to.  
This book is 210x130mm, portrait and shows some of the artworks and the sites at which the work is being displayed together with an essay by Colin Wiggins. It has an 8pp cover with 115mm flaps and a 32pp text and is saddle stitched. It is printed on our StarFine white 300gsm cover and 150gsm text. Printed CMYK throughout with hot foil blocking in metallic silver foil on the outside cover.
The below pic shows the extent of the full flaps.
The publication is designed by Catherine Nippe, who is a Swiss/German graphic designer who has been running her studio in London since 2006. Print is by Principal Colour who are based in Paddock Wood, Kent.

Posted by Justin Hobson 28.05.2013

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