Monday, 5 August 2013

Whistles - Spring|Summer 2013

This is the lookbook for the Spring/Summer collection from Whistles and it is a superlative piece of literature. Art direction, photography, design, repro and print all combining to make this job look and feel really special.
The size is 240x180mm Portrait, saddle stitched. It is printed on our Omnia and has a 4pp cover on 200gsm and a 20pp text on 120gsm. The weights are just right - Omnia is an extremely bulky sheet, so this works perfectly, opening nicely with the pages turning well.
As always (...this is the plug for the paper!) the images look superb on the Omnia; the subtle summer shades and the reproduction of the black and white images with their darker areas and heavy ink coverage - keeping all the detail in those heavy areas of CMYK together with uncoated paper tactility which would be lost on any other paper.  The other important thing to note is that unlike most uncoated products, you can successfully gloss UV varnish on this paper (with a single hit) and it works really well - as you can see in the below pic...
 There is a 4pp price guide, also printed on Omnia 120gsm (and also Gloss UV varnished)
Art Direction and design is by Simmonds. Creative Director is Chris Simmonds, designer is Kate Swingler. Photography is by Ben Toms and Styling is by Katie Shillingford. Repro and print, which is superb and the UV varnishing, which has excellent registration/fit, is by South London printer, Push.
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