Friday, 9 August 2013

Gareth Lockrane Septet Poster

This is an interesting poster produced for a one-off jazz evening at the Horseshow by the Gareth Lockrane Septet in March 2012. 

The poster is hand printed on a Letterpress proofing press and is created using a lino-blocks (x3) - in three passes. The poster measures 369mm x 593mm in a limited edition of 150 which are hand numbered. Printed on Colorset Natural 120gsm (100% Recycled). It is a beautiful poster.
Designed by Matt Willey and printed with Bill Bragg, as you can see below - a very "hands on" process! 
The posters are on sale (£20 plus p&p) with all proceeds going to Dorothy House Hospice Care. You can order them from this link:
Posted by Justin Hobson 09.08.2013

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