Monday, 12 August 2013

Nokia - People Made

This is a job that I've been meaning to write about for a while. It is the show catalogue for an exhibition at the Design Museum called 'People Made' - Nokia products that changed the world, which was in Oct/Nov 2011. The exhibition showed Nokia's approach to design, craft and manufacture, revealing untold stories behind some of the phones that have sold in their million over the last twenty years.   
The layout is simple and allows the images of the phones to work really well. Each phone with a scale picture on each spread (on left hand side). Printed in CMYK throughout, the section divider pages are printed in solids, also out of CMYK, - note the excellent blue solid above.
Size is 330x235mm, portrait. There's no binding or what is often described as "loose bound". It is a 40pp self cover on our lovely Marazion Ultra 90gsm. The deliberately lightweight feel allows the pages to flow freely and to sit flat, allowing for perfect read-overs. The material is perfectly chosen with the Marazion Ultra having a lightweight, matt look and feel but with the images reproducing beautifully with great clarity and detail. It's a very engaging piece of literature. Every time I show this to someone, they always point out their favourite phone happens every time!
The catalogue was designed and published by Nokia. Art direction and design of the catalogue is by Amish Shah ( This is a beautifully simple catalogue which perfectly shows the phones and conveys exactly the right look and feel which engages the reader with the exhibits themselves. Print is by Pureprint.
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