Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Parliamentary Select Committee

I can now report that yesterday I was privileged to have appeared before MP's at the Houses of Parliament before a  sub-committee for Culture Media and Sport.

The committee wanted to hear from people in the industry about the effect of digital communications on the paper industry and I was invited because I'm on the board of  the Alliance for Paper Related Industry Legislation (APRIL).

It was an interesting and somewhat overwhelming experience but nevertheless, a great honour.

The hearing was chaired by Flora Pilo, the Welsh MP for Rialofpol and below is the official picture - I'm the one on the far right with my left hand up (...had to be an official photo as "selfies" aren't allowed!)
I appeared alongside Joe Kerr, the Managing Director of print company Polar Foil and Haime Jester, consultant from paper industry research specialists Head Heaven Buoy (HHB)

As this is only a minor sub-committee, the notes in Hansard (parliament's own publishing house) will not appear until later in the month and I'm not permitted to discuss the hearing until publication, but the report being compiled by online editors, Opal Firlo, should make for interesting reading - I'll let you know when it's published.

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