Friday, 4 April 2014

The Power of Creativity

This is a limited edition poster produced by Johnson Banks. Originally produced for the D&AD 50 Auction, the original posters were 2 huge giglée prints.

In JB's own words "This project stems from a brief to design a D&AD Annual Cover on the theme of ‘The Power of Creativity’. Rather than show examples of creativity, the poster collects 99 examples from the last 500 years and describes each of them. The ideas cover all areas of art, design, architecture, film-making, product design and invention, and describes breakthroughs from those as well known as Einstein and Jobs, to the almost-forgotten names that invented the postage stamp"

To make them available to a wider audience, they have produced a limited edition of 200 copies. It’s printed offset litho in 3 colours and the size is 1000x666mm.
The posters have been produced on our Omnia 200gsm, so that it has a tactile uncoated feel (and not a glossy/coated look) but reproduces exquisitely with a rich, rich black which makes the reversed out type really pop out.

The posters are printed by Gavin Martin Colournet, beautifully ...and as you can see from the picture below, they also made a nice job of packing them!
They are available to purchase from the studio here:
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