Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Discussing the individual in type design

In addition to the presentation of his new typeface, this is an opportunity to participate in a discussion with Jeremy Tankard who will be sharing his experiences about some of the key issues influencing the contemporary type design field, not least the survival of an individual practice in an increasingly derivative design world.
In conversation with Catherine Dixon, the intention is to open out an initial dialogue to questions from the audience. Jeremy Tankard is a type designer who set up his own foundry in 1997, following early success in the field of corporate and branding design for leading consultancies including Wolff Olins. His typefaces will be familiar to many, with Corbel now a key system font for the Windows OS and Office Suite of applications. Other popular typefaces include Bliss, Aspect, The Shire Types and Enigma. Catherine Dixon is a designer, teacher and a writer with a certain preoccupation for all things typographic.

Tickets can be bought from www.stbride.org/events.

...go and feed the grey matter - buy a ticket and get involved! (and half the money is going to Charity, as well!) - says Justin

The event is being held at Regent’s Conference Centre in Regent’s Park, London on Wednesday 14th May 2014 at 7pm.

The evening is being presented by St Bride Foundation 
and the Wynkyn de Worde Society and half of the proceeds from the talk will go towards the Wynkyn de Worde Charitable Trust, which funds bursaries and seminars to assist in the education of those in future generations who will be involved in printing and related activities. Over 150 students have benefited from the Trust in the past year, attending events at the Letter Exchange, the Typographic Circle, the Edward Johnston Foundation and St Bride Foundation.

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