Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Around the World

‘Around the World’ is a set of six A3 prints by Tom Love. These screen prints are reproductions of airline luggage tags from the 1950s, produced as striking pieces of wall art
Here are some words about the project, by the designer, Tom Love:

"My Around The World Series features six original airline tag designs. From such airlines as the iconic PANAM to Quantas, depicting the four corners of the world and celebrating the new found accessibility of foreign lands, which commercial airlines bought to the general public throughout the 1950s and beyond.

These designs symbolise the golden age of travel: where privileged passengers were whisked off on journeys around the world. Landing in exotic destinations, where they would encounter for the first time, exotic cultures and cuisine and incredible landmarks and landscapes; This indulgent and pioneering era of discovery and adventure has left behind these wonderful relics of an era gone by.
There is something very special about the designs of these tags. Now viewed in an entirely new context, decades since when they were originally tied around baggage handles and sent on their merry way through airport carousels. It's this strong sense of nostalgia and adventure, as well as their striking typography and graphic design that inspired me to start collecting them, and now to re-create and share them with you as over-sized pieces of art."
The project was successfully funded through Kickstarter and here's the original link:
Tom Love is an accomplished designer who has worked with many of the top design agencies and is currently a senior designer at SalterBaxter. Tom has recently started producing his own limited editions and this is the third project he has completed, so far.

The prints have been screen-printed in 3 colours by Gary Parselle at Brighton based silkscreen studio, The Private Press, and these are the pictures from the studio when they were in the drying racks:
The paper chosen for the project is our Flora, Betulla in 350gsm. Flora is a recycled paper (and FSC accredited) with an overtly recycled look and feel - it has natural, deliberately visible inclusions and yet still prints beautifully. It truly enhances the look and feel of a project such as this where the visual look of the material makes a massive difference to the aged look of the finished piece
Thanks to Tom Love and Gary Parselle at the Private Press for sending me the images and giving me all the information.

...and you can buy these prints now, on the following link:

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