Thursday, 26 June 2014

Istanbul Grand Airport Book

This is one of those amazing productions which is an excellent example of why, in this digital age, print still lives!

This is a book showcasing the first phase of Istanbul Grand Airport's 8,000 hectare masterplan and terminals. Located on the Black Sea coast, it is intended that when completed, it will be the world’s largest airport terminal. The design is a collaboration between  three architectural practices Nordic, Grimshaw and Haptic Architects.
Detail of etched nickel silver plate
The size of the book is A3 (420x297mm) portrait and the cover features etched nickel silver plates sunk into a duplexed cover (made from our Construction Blackstone 1500microns). The etched pattern echoes the ceiling structure running throughout the building.
The 160pp text is printed throughout on our Omnia 120gsm, with the printed endpapers on Omnia 150gsm. The result is superb and it should be noted, this publication is all printed digitally on an HP Indigo press.

Art direction and design is by London based studio BOB Design and I popped into the studio to take the pictures (above) as being such a high specification job and with so few copies produced, it wasn't possible for them to let me have a file copy. Creative directors are Mireille Burkhardt and Kieran O'Connor. Designers on the project are Clara Goodger and Aaron Merrigan.
The book is laid out in both English and Turkish, which in part, accounts for the high pagination.
Now as you might expect from a prestigious publication, it is section sewn, but as I have mentioned above, it is A3 and digitally printed. So, the only way to produce this was on one of the new HP Indigo 10000 presses, which prints a B2 sheet. Below shows the section sewing and the cloth around the spine with the Construction Blackstone mounted on the endpapers and forming the cover.
Print production is by Pureprint and there's no question that this job is superb. Beautifully printed and bound and put together with the duplexed covers and mounted plates. Productions like this make the case for clients using print. All the information in the publication could be supplied digitally, but this piece of literature is an edifice as indeed will be the new airport.
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