Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Our Clouded Hills

This is the literature produced for Rossi & Rossi for the contemporary art fair ART14 held in London earlier this year. Titled as "Our Clouded Hills" they presented an exhibition of paintings by three Tibetan artists: Gade, Tenzing Rigdol and Tsherin Sherpa. Their works incorporate traditional Tibetan and Buddhist symbolism and techniques to comment on issues faced by Tibet, its inhabitants, and the Tibetan Diaspora.
This simple but effective publication is A5, portrait and is 8pp gatefold format. It is printed on Astralux [1sided] 250gsm in Silver. Printed one colour, special, on the outside (on the grey) and CMYK on the inside. Astralux is a 'Cast coated' board and if you aren't sure what that is, you can read a previous post, where I've explained what cast coated papers are:
Front Cover
Showing gatefold
The outside of the cover
Inside spread
Designer is Michael Windsor-Ungureanu of Thread Design. This is a great example of where a simple/different use of a material has been used to enhance the overall quality and feel of a piece of literature.

Print production is by Tower Printing, based in Peckham.
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