Friday, 12 September 2014

Ultrabold 15

This is the Spring 2014 edition of Ultrabold magazine, which is the Journal of the St Bride Library - if you aren't familiar with St. Brides, have a look at the link:

Fenner Paper is pleased to support this publication and in a small way, help preserve the history of the printing industry for future generations.

This latest edition has some really interesting articles including one that is particularly relevant for this very date 12th September - one hundred years ago....
This article is written by Emma Langley of Phoenix Yard Books and is based on her presentation made at the St Bride Conference on book design in September 2013.
Illustrator, Stephane Barroux discovered a diary of a French soldier serving in the First World War that was being thrown away. With great ingenuity, he took the diary to his studio and illustrated the soldiers words which resulted as a striking graphic novel (titled: Line of Fire) extracts of which are shown in this article... 
The last entry was 100 years ago today, 12th September 1914.
It is not known what happened to the soldier.
There are many other interesting features in the publication, including this comprehensive article written by Dave Farey in the first of a two part article about the typeface Times New Roman and The Times newspaper itself.
The publication is designed by Simon Loxley and is published by the Friends of St Brides. Printing is sponsored by Principal Colour. The journal is a 40pp self cover, 190x265mm Portrait, saddle stitched and is printed on Brand X FSC 115gsm.

The cover price is £7.00, although as I've mentioned previously on this blog, it's worth mentioning that this publication is free to friends of St Bride - so why not look into joining - might be cheaper than just buying the books and does a bit to help preserve the history of the industry for future generations.
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