Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer Club Cocktails

Dirty Martini  is an exclusive chain of seven London cocktail bars. As their name might suggest, they have a bespoke range of Martinis and signature cocktails.

The bars all have glamorous interiors and some of London’s best DJs regularly perform live sets at the bars.

This is the Summer Cocktails menu offering five exclusive and reasonably priced cocktails. The summer promotion is called Summerclub.

The simple 4pp menu is very simply printed in one colour, offset litho on our Stardream Gold 285gsm. Size is 160x90mm, portrait. Stardream is a mica coated board with a pearlescent/metallic finish.
Very kindly, Jason Maclaren at Cantate sent me file copies. I asked him to write a couple of paragraphs to explain the project...

"My client wanted to promote a drinks promotion and had no idea what paper to use, initially the brief was an ‘orange’ look, with black foil and a short text section. After looking at various finishes, combined with the problems in procuring material held at a paper mill in Italy (a 7 day delay) it was finally settled to use a more cost effective material called Stardream Gold, held in the UK by Fenner Paper ...and almost 60% cheaper than an alternative board from Bavaria!

A simple choice of paper adds gravitas to an important brand, this brand has used exquisite papers / finishes for its main menu. Having used fully oxidising inks, the sheets were movable 24 hours later allowing delivery 24 hours after this, in time for the launch. Having a knowledge of papers available, combined with simple planning, and simple technical research enabled a fast turnaround. It proves that relationships with your paper suppliers helps you to provide a solution for your clients."   Jason Maclaren, Cantate 
This is a project which is simple, from an "ink on paper" point of view has been well creased - something that is often overlooked. As you can see from the image below, a nice crisp well creased fold.
Print is by Cantate, a division of the John Good Group and thanks to Jason Maclaren at Cantate for sending me file copies and for his insight into the reasons for using this board.

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