Friday, 10 July 2015

MCU SS2015

This is the lookbook for Spring|Summer 2015 collection for clothing brand MasterCraft Union. The collection majors on hand-woven denim from a family-run mill in Okayama and is finished in the mountains of Shimane. This season they have introduced MCU Paper Denim, which is constructed of exclusive fabric, using traditionally milled Japanese paper within the weave of the denim!
The whole publication (making this a 'self-cover') is printed on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm, the lightweight paper works with the Japanese heritage associated with the brand. The size is just sub A5 (210x145mm) portrait.

The text of the whole book is 'French Folded' - this is where the folded edges are on the foredge of the book, as in the picture below:
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As a result of choosing Offenbach Bible 60gsm, this piece of literature feels totally special - a fantastic piece of print reproduction and print finishing. It has 22pp or printed sides (which I would normally describe as 22 x 4pp french folded sections) - this actually makes 44pp but because the other side is unprinted and the open ends are bound, therefore each 4pp = 2pp. It's a bit tricky but if you think about it, it makes sense. French folding with a material like Offenbach Bible feels fantastic because the weight of the material lets the pages flop and flow beautifully, as you can see from the spreads below can see the way the text pages rolling and flopping over, flowing superbly.
The binding is 'stab stitching'. This is where the staple (or wire) stabs through the whole text of the publication, unlike saddle stitching, where the staple goes through the spine and turns over in the centre spread. Below shows the stab stitched spine.
Another lovely touch is the white wire used for the staples:
Art direction and design is by JJ Marshall Associates. Creative Director is Jethro Marshall.

Excellent print and finishing is by Principal Colour.
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