Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Big Book Bonanza

This is the invitation to the showcase of new books from Harper Collins. Billed as 'The Big Book Bonanza' the function was held at the Crimson Bar at The Soho Hotel in May.
The invitation has a fantastic illustration by Emily Forgot, which is like a psychedelic kaleidoscope - great illustration and a really strong image.

The invitation is 180mm square and rather than being printed in CMYK, it is printed using black plus 3 pantone colours - fluoro orange, blue and metallic gold.
The material chosen is our Omnia, which works especially well with metallic inks, as they actually look metallic! and the solid fluoro colours jump out, but still with an uncoated, tactile feel. 
As the invitation is just a single card, it is duplexed (2x320gsm) to make 640gsm. You can see the thickness in the image below.
Design and art direction is by Zoë Bather.

The invitations are printed offset litho in four colours as described above. Print and production was handled by Alan Mountain at Forward Print (sales@forward-print.com)

Posted by Justin Hobson 13.10.2015

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