Thursday, 10 December 2015

Aaaaaaaah! film poster

This is the promotional poster for Steve Oram's directorial feature debut, Aaaaaaaah! (that's eight "A's"). The film has been written and directed by Steve Oram and the cast includes Julian Barratt, Toyah Wilcox, Julian Rhind Tutt and Holli Dempsey.

This poster is A2 size (594x420mm) and is silk-screen printed in six colours, a combination of tonal work and solid colours - the zip is printed in shiny metallic silver. It is produced using our Colorset, Bright Red 270gsm.
The posters were printed to coincide with the film's premiere in Leicester Square as part of Frightfest 2015. More information on the film can be found at both the Rook Films and Lincoln Studios sites. You can see the trailer below...
There is a review of the film here:
The prints were screen-printed by Gary Parselle at Brighton based silkscreen studio, The Private Press, and the above picture is from from the studio when they were in the drying rack.
Design is by Jay Shaw. Above is a picture of Steve Oram and Holli Dempsey pictured with the poster at the premiere!

Posted by Justin Hobson 10.12.2015

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