Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Wansbrough Paper Mill to close

A fortnight ago, it was confirmed that Wansbrough Paper Mill, located in Watchet, Somerset will close athis Christmas with the loss of 176 jobs. The mill is owned by paper and packaging conglomerate DS Smith, who regard production at the site not to be commercially viable.
Photo courtesy of DS Smith
I don't just write about events such as this just to spread doom and gloom! ..it's just that most people in the design and creative print market often don't hear about these events and I think it's important, from an industry perspective, that it is reported. Unfortunately the world of paper manufacturing is not in a great shape, especially not in European countries, where energy prices and high production costs make it hard for any 'heavy' industry to survive. One only has to think of the recent media coverage about closures in the UK steel industry.

Previously I have written on this blog about a paper mill that has been turned into a Google data farm:
...and a paper mill that is now a shopping mall:
...on a positive note, I've also written about a new mill that started production in the UK in 2009:

Photo courtesy of DS Smith
Wansbrough Mill, is located in picturesque Watchet in Somerset and currently the largest manufacturer of coreboard in the United Kingdom. It also produces recycled liner as well as envelope and bag Papers. The total annual production capacity of the mill is around 180,000 metric tonnes. The mill was founded in 1750 by William Wood and was taken over by the Wansbrough family in 1846, who installed paper machines. The site went on to become a profitable business which was later acquired by DS Smith in 1986.

DS Smith has confirmed that the historic mill will close, resulting in 176 job losses, on Christmas Eve.
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