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FLUX is a new magazine for lawyers which is published as a collaborative project between LexisNexis and the Cambridge Judge Business School. The publication celebrates diversity and women in law, and focuses on outstanding contributions to the legal industry within in-house and top law firms, on both a national and international level
Cover illustration by Jason Ford
Size of the magazine is 280x210mm and is printed on our StarFine White, with a 4pp cover on 240gsm and 48pp text on 130gsm giving the publication a 5mm spine. StarFine is a quality, uncoated paper and as the images show, image reproduction is excellent. The solids, photographic images and the illustrations look stunning - a great amount of detail for an uncoated paper, colours are bright and vivid.
The magazine is produced by YBM who are specialists in magazine publishing and content. The editor is Mira Katbamna. It is printed offset litho in CMYK throughout by London based Park Communications.
The superb art direction is by Zoë Bather. The design reflects the accessible tone of the title’s features and interviews. The use of illustration throughout the publication, probably more than images, create a gentle pace but the title pages use an energetic mix of solid colours and typography. I noted all the illustrators, who are: Ben Kirchner, Holly Wales, Olivier  Kugler, Allan Sanders, Hanna Melin, Jason Ford
Another interesting feature is the use of Gloss UV varnish on the title header and illustration (by Jason Ford) on the front cover (pictured below). A single hit of gloss UV varnish has worked really well and just gives the cover a point of difference,
The magazine is produced by YBM. Editor is Mira Katbamna. Art direction by Zoë Bather. The excellent print is by Park Communications, who are based in East London.
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