Wednesday, 9 November 2016

LCC Degree Show Book

The identity for this year's LCC degree shows is by Tara Hanrahan at Think/Do, which includes interior signage, exterior signage, wayfinding and literature. With over 700 graduating students showing a diverse range of work, it is a serious challenge for any identity to encompass the breadth of what is on offer. You can read more about the identity work here:

The printed collateral includes this information booklet. Size is A5 (210x148mm), portrait and is saddle stitched.
The 4pp cover is on Colorset (100% Recycled) Lemon 270gsm, printed offset litho in black only.
The 8pp text is printed on Crush, Kiwi 120gsm, printed in two colours, black and a special colour.
If you are not aware of our range called CRUSH from Favini, it is very unusual! The paper is made partly using the residue from the industrial processing of crushed citrus fruit, coffee, nuts, olives, kiwi, corn, cherries, lavender and most recently grape. These agro-industrial "end of life" products replace up to 15% of conventional tree pulp and are combined 30% post-consumer recycled waste, FSC virgin fibre and is produced with 100% green energy. As a result, the sheet is not a "clean" paper, it has identifiable pieces of residue visibly in the paper, as you can see below...
The range is available in 100, 120, 200, 250 and 350gsm and the shades are natural, earthy tones and the feel of the paper is natural and tactile. See the range here.

Printing is by Calverts, who are a London based printing cooperative who focus on sustainable printing. Another lovely design and print touch, is the use of the black wire stitches (staples) below:
Sustainability is an important facet to Tara's practice, which accounts for the selection of these sustainable papers and printer. Thanks to Tara for sending file copies (and the note) and also for supplying me with images of the book.
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