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Ten Trinity Square - Book II

This is one of a pair of books produced for a development called Ten Trinity Square. I wrote about the other book in October here. This is one of London’s landmark buildings overlooking the Thames at Tower Hill. Built over a century ago to house the Port of London Authority, it has now been re-developed by the Reignwood Group as an exclusive arrangement of residences, a luxury hotel and private club, all in association with Four Seasons. 

This book explains about the history of the area, the city and the people who have influenced the region throughout history. The pair of books have been produced to be on display in the atrium of the building on a specially made plinth designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram.

These are the largest books to have ever appeared on this blog and is probably the most impressive I have ever had the pleasure of handling! The size of the book is 615mm square, yep that's right, well over half a metre! As a result, it's more than a bit tricky to photograph, so my apologies - click on the images to bring them up to a better size.
To give a sense of scale, the book is pictured with a 30cm ruler and pencil. The book is casebound and is covered in black Saffiano, which is first grade calf leather with a classical grain. The cover is embossed and hot foil blocked in metallic gold foil.
The book has 92pages, all printed on Omnia White 200gsm. Omnia is a very bulky paper and that's what a project like this needed, with the size of each page being over half a square metre! 
The image reproduction throughout the publication is simply wonderful with both the four colour images, the cool grey pantone special and solid blacks looking great.
Click on images to enlarge
The bookblock (just the pages) itself is 13mm thick. Below is a detail showing the ribbon.
To give a better sense of scale, below is an image with a full size 70cl bottle of wine by the book, which gives you some idea...
Below is a detail showing the spine. The book is 'quarter bound' with cloth around the spine. Don't forget, the spine you are looking at is 35mm! Rather than using a bookbinding grade greyboard, the internal structure of the case is supported with a material called Promolyte. This is a lightweight alloy which was used to increase the strength, stability and integrity of this huge leather cover.
Hot foil blocking on the black Saffiano leather is superlative.

Brand identity for the whole project, including this book, is by Pentagram. Design is by John Rushworth and Joe Stephenson. You can see more about the whole project here: http://www.pentagram.com/#/projects/121368

Original photography is by Richard Bryant. CGI's by Hayes Davidson and AB Concept.

Printing is by Gavin Martin Colournet. It is a stupendous book with stunning production values and it has been produced impeccably. If I was saying anything other than that, then the whole reason for producing this staggering publication to appear on display in the building, would be null and void. Together with the other book, this pair of books make the most stunning books ever!

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