Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Call of the Wild

As Christmas draws closer, here are some wonderful examples of Christmas cards, all printed on our lovely Shiro Echo, Bright White 300gsm,  which is 100% recycled and has FSC Mix accreditation.
The cards are from a range called "Call of the Wild" by London based card publisher Roger La Borde. They are 4pp cards printed offset litho in four colours and the cards are either laser cut or embellished with hot foil blocking.
The below lasercut cards are illustrated by Antoana Oreski
The below card is illustrated by Jane Ray and is embellished with gold hot foil blocking in the illustration which works brilliantly well.
...credits on the reverse of the card showing the FSC logo.
The cards are published by Roger la Borde.

The cards are printed offset litho by Lion House Press who are in West London and the foiling is by Graphite Creative who are based in St Albans. The lasercutting is by Trilogy Lasercraft.

Posted by Justin Hobson 06.12.2016

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