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Jobs from the past - Number 86

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by and here's one from 1995.  

D&AD Newsletter - December 1995
It's unlikely that D&AD needs much introduction. - Founded in London in 1962 as British Design & Art Direction by a group of creatives and art directors, it has since become a world renowned body championing design and creativity.
This piece of literature is an excellent example of the way communication worked in the pre-internet world! Back in 1995, Mary Lewis was president of D&AD and then, as now, the President's Lectures were a popular draw for creatives (back in these days, tickets were either ordered by post or telephone and sent out by post). Feedback from member indicated a desire for transcripts of the lectures to be printed, so that the content could be more widely circulated, so in this inaugural issue, the D&AD Newsletter was re-launched in December 1995, in the main, to disseminate the transcripts of the lectures.
The publication later became known as Ampersand and I will write about the later issues in the future.
Front Cover
Size of the publication is 445x315mm portrait and is a 16pp 'self cover' and is unbound. It has a wonderfully floppy and tabloid newspaper feel. It is printed on our Redeem 100% Recycled 130gsm.

This issue covered the transcripts of the lectures given by Oliviero Toscani....
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...and Maurice Saatchi.
The paper is a neutral white shade gives the publication a 'newsy' feel which really works with the images and most importantly, the pages which are purely type, as below:
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The publication is printed offset litho in one colour (halftone or monotone printing) and the look and feel is just perfect. A well designed and thoughtful piece of print to be delivered, spread information and disposed of - just like a newspaper!

For a sense of scale, below is the outside back cover pictured with a 300mm ruler and a ballpoint pen, remember the size of the publication is  445x315mm.
The newsletter was printed by a company called Penshurst Press based in Tunbridge Wells. Sadly the company no longer exists - they wound up at the end of the nineties.

The design of the cover and contents is by Vince Frost. Deyan Sudjic gave the advice to Mary Lewis to "keep it simple" which this publication does admirably. Content is edited by David Robson of The Independent.

Photography by Giles Revell, cover photograph: Matthew Donaldson, Saatchi Image: David Levenson/Colorific, Toscani Image: A Rau/Sygma.

Vince Frost left for the sunnier climate of Australia just over fifteen years ago and runs Frost* in Sydney.

...and Fenner Paper? ...yep, we're still here!

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