Friday, 23 June 2017

Central St Martins - Degree Show 2017

On Tuesday evening I was invited to the private view of the Central St Martins Degree Shows at King's Cross. It was a very hot London evening and given the current security situation in the country, there was security and bag checking, so it took me half an hour in the queue to get in, but that's entirely understandable.
The show was exceptionally well attended, laid out on the ground, first and second floors and including the large atrium area.
I spent most of the time at the BA Graphic Design course on the second floor.
Even though there had been a log queue outside, there was an equally long queue for the Camden Town Brewery stand, who was one of the sponsors as well as that other "Hull based" paper company!
As always, the work is well displayed and laid out - but then they are lucky to have one of the best exhibition spaces in the country and their disposal!
Thanks to all staff and people I know at CSM for the kind invitation and a chance to see the work of the new graduates.
Posted by Justin Hobson 23.06.2017

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