Thursday, 8 June 2017

OK by Supermundane

I've just received a beautifully produced silkscreen print from Gary Parselle at The Private Press.

This print is one of the series called Editions which is Gary's own collection of exclusive, hand-pulled limited edition screen prints, featuring a carefully chosen selection of artworks by leading contemporary artists. Working collaboratively with the artists, Gary aims to use this series to showcase the possibilities of creative screen printing using interesting inks, papers and techniques.
This print is by Supermundane: “I’m a big fan of screen printing and how physical a process it is. I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Private Press on a few projects in the past so I was excited to be asked to be involved in this new project. My print is part of my on going ‘You Made This’ project which explores our fears and desires. This time I’ve hidden the term OK in there that represents the word and a mouth and body of sorts at the same time."
The print is silkscreen printed in three colours onto our Colorset (100% Recycled) White 270gsm board. The yellow and blue inks overlap and combine to make green in select areas.

The below image shows before and after on the drying rack! On the left - yellow and blue, on the right - overprinting black.
The size of the prints is A2 (420x594mm) and is a limited edition of just 50, signed and numbered by the artist. My thanks to Gary for sending me this print and his lovely note...
The Private Press is a small Brighton-based screen printing company, established in the summer of 2013. The studio was established by Gary Parselle, who has more than 10 years of screen printing experience. Before setting up the Brighton studio, Gary worked extensively in some of London's most renowned graphic design and advertising agencies where he specialised in print production and this is where I met him ( Interbrand I think). This is the reason that Gary has an in-depth knowledge of print, paper and finishing techniques.

The Private Press specialises in high quality, hand pulled screen prints for artists, illustrators and graphic designers. Below are the other prints from the 'Editions' series...
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