Friday, 16 June 2017

Aldo Filiberto Cards

Aldo Filiberto is renowned portrait photographer and film director specialising in editorial and talent portraiture. His work has appeared in a wide range of newspapers and publications including The Guardian. Originally from Italy, he is now based in the UK.

Fact is the London based studio of Matt Morgan and they created a bold identity for Aldo Filiberto by creating a printed frame over the image.
The series of 2pp, A6 size cards (of which this is just one) are printed on Omnia 320gsm. Unlike many of the printed items featured on this blog, which are printed offset litho, this has been digitally printed on an HP Indigo press. The colours are strong and punchy and the cards have a tactile look and feel. Being a digital print process it also means that small quantities can be printed economically and updated frequently, without the pressure of having to do a large print run.
Although Omnia was never originally developed for digital, we now keep it as a stock item with "sapphire treatment". This treatment is often applied to more unusual papers and provides a "key" so that the inks (which are different to litho inks) work on the paper surface. The great thing is the job just doesn't look and feel like a digital job. Above is a detail shot showing the excellent reproduction in the dark areas.
...and as Matt says in his note "they look great - Fact!" You can read more about the project on the fact website here:

Printing is by Identity Print, based in Paddock Wood in Kent.
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